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Who are these 

Gloomins are 3,333 lost souls living on the Ethereum Blockchain, seeking intense sensations and armed with a massive urge to feel alive - however a little clumsy when trying to bring it about.


08.08.2022 FREE MINT

Gloomy Roadmap


Gloomins might occasionally go up in flames, get wrapped up in barbed wire, have their heads explode or turn into aliens for no reason - but that doesn't keep them from making plans.


Otherdeed for Otherside! Metaverse

Gloomins NFT owns Otherdeed for Otherside NFT #65274 to research on the most exclusive upcoming Metaverse of YUGALABS and potentially integrate Gloomins NFTs to provide more utility. 

Proof of Ownership



In the process of production each gloomin's head is first assigned a randomly generated individual shape. All the traits then adapt procedurally to these. With more than 150 traits involved this generates a level of uniqueness you can barely see in any NFT collection out there. Rendered 1:1 in 3D.

Making Of


The Gloomins Team is based in Germany & Spain. Loaded with max buzz for the 3D, WEB3 & Blockchain space.

But there is more than this. Building a donation treasury for 'Kids in need' around our Blue Dot, is a matter of the heart for the Gloomins Team. 


What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that is stored on a blockchain and that no one can fudge.

If the NFT is in your wallet, you are the real owner & eligible for access to certain specific perks. But your NFT is much more than a copied jpeg or png, it's the key into our WEB3 Space.

For more on that please visit

How do I mint NFTs?

Minting is the process of creating new tokens. It's a mechanism to create a new digital asset without the involvement of any central entity.

To get a Gloomin NFT initially, you need to MINT one on our Smart Contract. No MINT means no NFT available. 

How to buy & sell NFTs?

As you have learned so far, minting and buying NFTs are two different things. While MINT is the initial process of creating a new token, buying & selling NFTs follows afterwards.

Buying & selling NFTs can be done via several platforms like Opensea, Rarible, Super Rare, Foundation, X2Y2 and many more.

For more on that please visit

How many Gloomins will be minted?

There will be 3,333 Gloomins available for minting.

What is the MINT Price?

Free Mint

When is the  MINT date?

MINT date 08.08.2022

What will you get after MINT?

You will get a high-quality, procedural generated 3D NFT with an undefined bunch of traits & dimensions. 


You also will get WEB3 voting power for the Gloomins decentraliced autonomous organisation (abb. DAO).

What is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO)?

DAOs are an effective way to work & cooperate with people around the globe.


Just imagine a company without Managers, however, managed by its members. Built-in treasuries only accessible by the approval of a group. Decisions are built by propose & vote schemes.

You want to learn more?


Collabs & Partner
- Strong Community -

Gloomins intend to build & foster a WEB3 Community based on openness, creativity, think-out-of-the-box & collaboration. 

This contains also NFTs (Non-fungible Token), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), DeFi (DecentralizedFinance) & DeEd (decentralized Education). 

Collabs & Partner
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